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Embracing Togetherness – lit.COLOGNE Inclusive

Our society is beautifully colourful, and we made it our mission to celebrate this diversity at our festival. For over a decade, lit.COLOGNE has actively championed the inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Various barriers hinder the uncomplicated participation of people with disabilities in cultural life, and we strive to make it possible for everyone. Collaborating with various partners, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive atmosphere at our festival.

Special Schools

...are warmly invited to participate in the “KlasseBuch” program. If needed, we are happy to provide for sign language interpreting services for your chosen event.

Our Events

On stage, we address themes such as discrimination, (trans)gender issues, physical disabilities, mental health challenges, and explore how an inclusive community can thrive. This year marks the 5th instalment of our successful program, "REMIX!," showcasing texts created in a writing workshop for youth facing learning difficulties.


For those with mobility challenges, hearing or visual impairments, we choose venues with minimal architectural barriers. Information on all location-specific details, such as induction loops, wheelchair-accessible entrances and restrooms, or the accommodation of assistance dogs, can be found as filter options in our program. Our admission team looks forward to welcoming you. Feel free to reach out to them with any question you may have.

Financial Hurdles? Kulturliste Köln e.V.

With the support of Kulturliste Köln e.V., we aim to enable all residents of Cologne to participate in the city's social and cultural life. We provide free seats through Kulturliste Köln e.V. for guests with limited financial means but a great passion for culture.

Our additional support services:

An overview of events provided with those services can be found here as a PDF or using the filter options on our website.


While not all events can currently be fully barrier-free, we continually strive to expand the accessibility of our festival. Various event venues, as partners of lit.COLOGNE, significantly contribute to this endeavour.

We would also like to express our gratitude to our supporters for their invaluable contributions: Aktion Mensch, Kämpgen-Stiftung, Hans Günther Adels-Stiftung.


Your suggestions, desires, and critiques regarding inclusion help us in our mission. Please contact our team member Alessia Heider at

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