Ticket Market

About the Ticket Market

Have you purchased tickets for an event, but are unable to attend? Or are you looking for tickets to a sold-out event? Then take advantage of our ticket market to sell, trade or buy lit.COLOGNE tickets!

Whether you are offering or looking for tickets, you can post an ad here. Please provide an email address where you can be contacted, select the appropriate event and enter the number of tickets you are looking for/offering. Once you have successfully traded, purchased or sold your tickets, you can delete your post. After seven days, the post will be automatically removed.

We expressly point out that lit.COLOGNE GmbH does not assume any liability for any of the transactions taking place in this market. We recommend that you ensure you are not buying overpriced tickets and that you compare the prices to the original ticket prices listed on the homepage or in the program booklet. lit.COLOGNE GmbH does not save any of this data.

How to contact someone offering or looking for tickets:

  1. Click on the letter symbol in the list of tickets offered and wanted. (A web form will pop up.)
  2. Enter the email address where the person offering/looking for tickets can contact you.
  3. You can also write a message (optional) for the person offering or looking for tickets.
  4. Click on “Absenden” [“Send”].
  5. The person offering/looking for tickets will receive an email with your email address and (optional) message, requesting that they make contact with you.

How to post your own ticket offering or ticket search request:

  1. Click on “Erstellen Sie einen Eintrag” [“Create a Post”]. (A web form will pop up.)
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Choose the event for which you would like to find or offer tickets.
  4. Enter the number of tickets you are looking for or offering.
  5. Choose whether you are looking for tickets [“Suche”] or offering tickets [“Biete”].
  6. Click on “Absenden” [“Send”].
  7. Your posting will now be shown in the list of ticket offerings/searches.

How to delete your offering or ticket search request:

  1. Click on the LINK at the bottom of the email that you received to confirm your posting.

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