Julia Boehme - Tafiti and the School for Lions


lit.kid.COLOGNE 2019

Julia Boehme - Tafiti and the School for Lions

Age: 6+

A new adventure on the savannah! Tafiti and Bristles can hardly believe it: King Kofi, the lion, is going back to school! He wants to finally learn how to capture meerkats and red river hogs. Tafiti and Bristles can’t allow that to happen! They decide they must go to school, too. Because if they know what King Kofi is planning, they will be able to stop him – won’t they? Disguised as lion cubs, they venture into the school for lions ...

  • Thursday 21 March

    21. March 2019

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Julia Boehme

Julia Boehme was born in 1966 in Bremen and studied literature and…



Tafiti und die Löwen-Schule

Tafiti und die Löwen-Schule

Julia Boehme

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