Jan Weiler puts Martin Kühn on a diet


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Jan Weiler puts Martin Kühn on a diet

Life goes on, but it doesn’t necessarily get any easier. At least not for Commissioner Kühn, who is carrying around excess baggage – in his soul and around his waistline. He tortures himself with diets, so that his wife Susanne will find him more attractive. In Kühn hat Hunger [“Kühn Is Hungry”], he also has to defend himself against the machinations of his supposed best friend and colleague. And then he crosses paths with a murderer who gives him a glimpse into the darkest side of humanity. With empathy and esprit, best-selling author and columnist Jan Weiler (“Maria, He Doesn’t Like the Taste”) shows us how Martin Kühn explores the heavy issue of the lightness of life. Host: Stefanie Junker

  • Wednesday 16 October

    16. October 2019

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Stefanie Junker

Stefanie Junker is an author, reporter and presenter. While studying…



Kühn hat Hunger

Kühn hat Hunger

Jan Weiler

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