Sibylle Berg - GRM Brainfuck. Dystopia or reality?


lit.COLOGNE 2020

Sibylle Berg - GRM Brainfuck. Dystopia or reality?

With GRM Brainfuck, author Sibylle Berg wrote one of the most important books of the decade. In breathtaking prose she described young people in the shadow of an affluent society. This is now supplemented by Nerds retten die Welt [“Nerds Save the World”], which shows the way to GRM or orchestrates it in a certain way. Here, Berg talked to scientists from the fields of artificial intelligence, neuropsychology and computer technology. By asking tough questions, she tried to gain insight into highly complex areas of research. How much are we being monitored? Are algorithms deciding people’s access to necessary resources? Do we have something to hide? And many other questions on life after the digital revolution. For lit.COLOGNE’s 20th anniversary Sibylle Berg has come up with something special and invited along a few guests. For example, Jean Peters (Peng) and the internet activist Volker Birk (founder of pEp).

  • Monday 16 March

    16. March 2020

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Jean Peters

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Sibylle Berg

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Volker Birk

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Nerds retten die Welt

Nerds retten die Welt

Sybille Berg

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