Pure horror – with Mariele Millowitsch and Walter Sittler


lit.COLOGNE 2020

Pure horror – with Mariele Millowitsch and Walter Sittler

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When it comes to Friday the thirteenth, you can ignore the ominous date or blame it for your misfortunes. But what if we muster up our courage and confront the calamity? Mariele Millowitsch and Walter Sittler descend on our behalf into the cursed catacombs, encountering chainsaw-wielding serial killers, brothers bashing each other’s heads in, creepy clowns and ... no, wait, we won’t even dare to mention the marital bed. Because, really, isn’t the quiet terror in human relations a thousand times eerier? The cold shoulder? The rejection? These two great actors take us on a grisly literary journey: Classics from world literature, ranging from Stephen King to Bret Easton Ellis, must be included, of course. The subtle horror of Richard Yates sends a shiver down your spine and Colson Whitehead gets the zombies dancing. A terrific evening that will give you the chills! Concept: Jan Eichberg

  • Friday 13 March

    13. March 2020

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