“Life is too short for long literature” – Senta Berger reads Alfred Polgar


lit.COLOGNE 2020

“Life is too short for long literature” – Senta Berger reads Alfred Polgar

Alfred Polgar, who was born in Vienna in 1873 and died in Zurich in 1953, is one of the best-known authors of Viennese Modernism. As an aphorist and critic, he was great at leaving things out. He was a master of the art of turning a hundred lines into ten. Instead of great affairs of state, he was interested in the “minor incidents” of life, in “minus adventures” and “alarming non-events”. In the 1920s, Polgar lived and worked in Berlin. As a Viennese Jew, he was forced to flee the Nazi regime, going first to Prague, then to France, Hollywood and New York. Senta Berger breathes new life into Polgar and reads her favorite texts on the subject of “He and She”. What Alfred Polgar has to say about love is a sharp analysis of the soul, draped in delicate melancholy and approaching on velvet paws. Stylistically brilliant and versed in psychology, he reveals our weaknesses. With musical accompaniment by David Frühwirth (violin) and Johannes Zahlten (viola).

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