Joschka Fischer and German responsibility in the 21st century


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Joschka Fischer and German responsibility in the 21st century

The 21st century is now two decades old and the contours of a new world (dis)order are becoming more discernible: the rise of China, the shift of the global political axis toward the Pacific, the USA an increasingly confused world power falling back into nationalism, Russia a frustrated nuclear power, Europe stagnating ...
Since the decline of the USA as a stabilizing global power post-1989, there has been a dangerous new rivalry between nuclear powers that could escalate at any time: Korea, Hong Kong, Kashmir, Iran, Yemen,
Syria, Ukraine. A new arms race. Trade and technology crises. In Willkommen im 21. Jahrhundert [“Welcome to the 21st Century”], Joschka Fischer declares Europe’s transformation into a sovereign world power to be the decisive question of the future, which cannot be solved without assertive contributions and economic resources from Germany and France. Host: Anja Bröker

  • Sunday 15 March

    15. March 2020

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Anja Bröker

Anja Bröker started her career in journalism in 1997 in the Cologne …


Joschka Fischer

Joschka Fischer was born in 1948 in Gerabronn. From 1994 until 2006,…



Willkommen im 21. Jahrhundert

Willkommen im 21. Jahrhundert

Joschka Fischer

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