Remix! Or: How I see the world With Benno Fürmann, Sabine Heinrich and Carina Kühne


lit.COLOGNE 2019

Remix! Or: How I see the world With Benno Fürmann, Sabine Heinrich and Carina Kühne

This country needs new writers!
Led by the Cologne poetry slammer Florian Cieslik, a handful of young people with learning difficulties took up the task of “remixing” classics of world literature. And they prove that it is not always necessary to ride so late through the windy night like the Erlking – there is a more comfortable way! And why take 80 days to go around the world? In 80 days, you can also create a wonderful herbarium. The motto for this evening: If it ain’t broke, remix it! Benno Fürmann and Carina Kühne read the resulting linguistic works of art, which are sometimes poetically tender, sometimes loud and outlandish. Sabine Heinrich hosts this evening of new literature.

In cooperation with the organization mittendrin e.V. as part of the project series “Inclusion Infusion”, this event is fully accessible and will have sign-language interpreting and written captioning.

  • Monday 25 March

    25. March 2019

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    Eve Evening fund price 21 €

    Red. Reduced price 12 €

  • COMEDIA Theater
    Roter Saal

    Vondelstraße 4-8
    50677 Köln
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  • Accessibility

    • Schriftdolmetschung Available
    • Gebärdensprach-dolmetschung Available
    • Induktionsschleife Available
    • Rollstuhlgerechter Zugang Available
Inclusion Infusion


Benno Fürmann

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Carina Kühne

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Sabine Heinrich

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