Katya Apekina & Camilla Renschke swim in deeper water



Katya Apekina & Camilla Renschke swim in deeper water

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Katya Apekina’s debut novel The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish was the surprise smash hit in the USA last year. A stirring and harrowing novel about two teenage sisters who are drawn into a maelstrom as a result of the separation of their parents and the psychiatric illness of their mother, which leaves everyone struggling for their own survival. And they are all obsessed with understanding what is going on between them. Host: Susanne Becker; German text: Camilla Renschke

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    17. March 2020

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Je tiefer das Wasser

Je tiefer das Wasser

Katya Apekina

Aus dem Englischen von Brigitte Jakobeit