Moritz Rinke

Photo: Moritz Rinke

Born in 1967 in Worpswede, Moritz Rinke studied drama, theater and media in Giessen. His features, short stories and essays have won numerous prizes. His play The Vineta Republic was voted best German-language play and adapted to film in 2008. In summer 2002, Rinke’s new version of The Nibelungen premiered at the Nibelung Festival in Worms, which went on to be seen by millions of theatergoers and television viewers in the following years. His play “Café Umberto” has been performed at several theaters and is incorporated into some school lesson plans. His debut novel “The Man Who Fell Through the Century” was released in 2010 and became a best seller. His most recent publication is “So Metzelder Spoke to Mertesacker”. His new play, “We Love and Know Nothing”, is one of the most successful dramas of recent years and has been performed on more than 30 stages.