Désirée Nosbusch

Photo: Désirée Nosbusch

Désirée Nosbusch, born in Luxemburg in 1965, trained to be an actor in New York. In 1984 she presented the Eurovision Song Contest and became a star overnight. Her extensive filmography includes “Schrei nach Hilfe” (1992) and “Eine Liebe in Saigon” (2006). She played opposite Vincent Perez in “Avalanche” (2008), and in 2003 completed her studies in directing and film production at UCLA. In 2011 Nosbusch founded the production company deal productions, and in 2012 she performed in Hamburg at the St. Pauli Theater and in Berlin at the Theater am Kurfürstendamm. In 2018 she appeared in the series “Bad Banks”, for which she was awarded the Grimme Award in 2019. She will be on TV screens in 2019 as Cathrin Blake in ARD’s “Irish Crime”.