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lit.COLOGNE 2021

Fri. 11 June 2021 - 19:00

Peter Buwalda on fathers and sons

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Peter Buwalda on fathers and sons

Event in Dutch with German subtitles

Following his brilliant novel “Bonita Avenue” (“great European art”, according to Die Zeit), Peter Buwalda has now added a new work to his masterful literary portfolio: Otmar’s Sons.
Young Ludwig Smit sets out to search for his biological father, aided by fate, coincidence and curiosity. Smit was raised as the stepbrother of a brilliant but peculiar piano virtuoso by the latter’s father Otmar. Ludwig is working for an energy company, surveying oilfields in Russia, when he unexpectedly comes across the trail of his biological father, who abandoned him and his mother.
Once more, this is a book about family, about absent fathers and stepfathers, about identity and responsibility, sexuality and guilt: the complexity of life in this day and age.
“Peter Buwalda’s brilliance is entirely unique” (The Times).
Host: Gregor Seferens


Gregor Seferens

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Peter Buwalda

Peter Buwalda was born in Brussels in 1971 and worked for a music magazine…


Otmars Söhne

Otmars Söhne

Peter Buwalda
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